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Femmecult Radio

Apr 22, 2019

Anna Jordan is a trans-disciplinary artist based in Berlin, who focuses her work in the digital electronic realm as a painter, video artist and electronic musician. Her auditive work is released under her moniker, The Allegorist, for which she has 2 albums out now, and she is quoted as saying its format mixes all styles and genres and sets no limitations.. Her most recent album was released in 2018, on Detroit Underground, is called Hybrid Dimension I-- a full length audio visual masterpiece that features music videos for each track on the album. One of which is being screen at international film festivals, and is entitled Humandroid Lovers, so please find time to view that before or after the podcast to expose yourself to a beautiful example of her work. We are so excited to have her on the podcast in which she talks about her inspirations, technical aspects of her productions, and artistic motivations. Thanks for listening!