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Femmecult Radio

Jun 5, 2019

Emily Esperanza is a non-binary filmmaker and artist whose work questions the conventional narrative of storytelling to bring progressive ideas into focus. Their work has been screened at festivals all over the United States and has won many awards of excellence.

Their 2018 film Make Out Party was the official selection for several film festivals, including the Las Vegas Queer Arts Festival, and also won the award for most innovative short film at the 23rd Annual TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival in Seattle, WA.  Currently, they are working on a feature length film called LOTER√ćA, drawing from experience producing films that explore themes of youthful rebellion and the celebration of underground culture. Our conversation gets into everything from the importance of presenting familiar archetypes and heros clothed in different skin to their experiences of developing and listening to intuition while on set. Please join me for this conversation with an innovative young filmmaker who uses their brilliant directorial eye to create works that have already been compared to many notable cult film directors of underground cinema.

Additional credit for material used in the podcast: Make Out Party (2018) and SPIDER AND FLY (2013). The song featured in the excerpt of MOP is 'Riot' by Glamour Hotline.