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Femmecult Radio

May 24, 2021

Riz Maslen who performs under the moniker Neotropic, is an electronic musician and composer based in the UK. She began releasing records in the mid nineties, and has been highly prolific over the last 2 decades having put out many albums and eps on various labels including Ninja Tune and 4Hero. In this interview, we touch on how she developed her own style through experimentation and a DIY ethos, her early days at Ninja Tune and her touring experiences in the heyday of electronic music in the nineties. We also got into discussion around the challenges of working outside of your comfort zone, the connotations of being pigeonholed as a female vocalist in electronic music, and discovered some correlations between both of our experiences of making electronic music.

Neotropic Songs Featured

Beautiful Pool
Opium Den
Love & Hate
The Melancholy Whale
Your War
Fung Koo

Interview conducted by Christina Broussard / SciFiSol Music

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