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Femmecult Radio

Oct 23, 2019

Beats by Girlz is a non-traditional music technology curriculum, collective and community founded in 2012 by Erin Barra, who is an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music. The program was launched to empower young women in music technology by providing access to tools, guidance and role-support in order to develop their interest and career opportunities in music production and composition, and engineering. BBG has chapters all over the world, including NYC, Los Angeles, Berlin, Madrid and more. In this episode of Femmecult Radio, Christina Broussard (SciFiSol Music) is in conversation with three facilitators of the Minneapolis chapter of Beats by Girlz: Christine Hoberg, Christin Light and Tanya Leigh, all of whom are also accomplished electronic musicians. Please join us for this exciting conversation about how the collective functions to provide creative opportunities to their community, and the wonderful effects on the lives of those involved with the program. At the end of the podcast, we will highlight the creative backgrounds this episode’s guests  and more about what brought them to working with Beats by Girlz. Thanks for listening!